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Wooden Nickel Reward Program

Be sure to tell your children about our Wooden Nickel Reward Program! It's a great way to show initiative, and can also help to ease the nerves of some children who might be a bit anxious about going to the dentist.

Some of the prizes we currently have on hand include Celtics hats, iTunes gift cards, Lokai bracelets, and much more!

Here's how your child can earn wooden nickels at their appointments:

- Homecare: 2 Tokens Per "A"

- Report Card: 2 Tokens Per "A"

- Cooperation: 1 Token

- Candy Turn In: 1 Token

- Chores at Home: 1 Token

- Good Manners: 1 Token

- Three Homecare "A's" in a Row: 10 Tokens

To book your child's appointment, give us a call at 781-444-1145 or email us at

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