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Baby's First Dentist Appointment

When should my child first visit the dentist?

To set up your child for a lifetime of healthy smiles, your child's first visit to the dentist should be no later than their first birthday.

We call this first visit a "well baby checkup." The key is giving your child a pleasant first meeting with the dentist. Don't let a dental emergency be their first experience!

A baby's first teeth will appear at or around six months after birth. By their first birthday, they will have their first (baby) teeth, a full set of 20. However, not all children get the same teeth at the same time, so do not worry about the exact timing.

We will show you how to clean your child's teeth, review feeding, habits, and make other helpful recommendations.

Baby teeth can start to decay as soon as they appear. Sugar is in nearly everything a baby drinks (juice, milk, formula). In as little as 20 minutes after consuming sugar, teeth can begin to decay.

So, let's get your child in to see us, and we will discuss taking care of their beautiful teeth, and pacifiers, bottles, snacking, breast feeding, etc. We will answer all of your questions!

Tips for your child's first visit:

- If possible, schedule a morning appointment so they are well rested.

- Stay positive! Displaying no emotion is better than anxiety!

- Never bribe your child to see the dentist.

- Make the visit an enjoyable outing and bonding experience for your and your child.

Establishing good oral habits early on can lead to a lifetime of excellent dental health!

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