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The Importance of Athletic Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are absolutely a must-have for athletes of ALL ages! Dental injuries can be painful, permanent, and expensive to repair. Fortunately, the good news is the majority of mouth injuries can prevented with the proper use of an athletic mouth guard!

Unless a mouth guard is comfortable and well fitted, it is much less likely to be worn. Here at our office, we proudly create custom athletic mouth guards in a variety of themes/colors, encouraging children to wear them more often. To create them, we take an impression of our patient's teeth, and then proceed to construct a mouth guard over a model of them.

Mouth guards are an incredibly important piece of athletic equipment, and they should be replaced after every sporting season. They can wear down over time, thus making them less effective. Appropriately replacing one's mouth guard is especially important for adolescents because their mouths are continuing to grow and their teeth are continuing to develop. Custom-made athletic mouth guards feel and fit better, and offer the best protection!

For more information or to set up an appointment for your athlete, call us a 781-444-1145 or email us at

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